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I started coding a new game called Vectorpunk: Quadra Nightride.

It's a free sequel of Cyberpunk 2077 on Vectrex, during which V & Johnny chase a convoy in order to save V's body.

I still have to create the end boss, the bonuses, complete the Perks menu, and draw a big level where the player will have to fight on foot with a Katana.

So, still a lot of work to do, but it's on the good way! And it's already super fun to drive to Nightcity on a neon wired Quadra Turbo-R V-Tech!!!

There are a lot of texts in Vectorpunk, so big thanks to Malban for the improved text routines. The texts are readable even on a Cranky Vectrex!!


I just finished coding the first part of Vectorpunk 2077, a car race against time.

The car is now fully configurable with the perks received during the game. As you level up your skills, you go from driving a rolling soapbox to driving a Maserati! I also added enemies with a small AI as well as the end boss that you have to beat to move on to the second part of the game: Samurai! A katana fight, but I'll save that for a next video!


My graphic designer friend Vincent Voinchet started working on boxing and overlay visuals for Vectorpunk, thank you Vincent!!!


As I finished coding the first part of Vectorpunk (Race through the Badlands) I'm now free to start the second part of the game: Katana fights. Here are the first attack moves. It still lacks thrusting, blocking and quick dodging. Then come the Joystick controls with combo combinations, the enemies, the AI and the 2 player mode.


This is it! Samurai's game engine is finished and the game is playable for 2 players!! Sounds are still missing, shock and parry animations will replace the developer's HIT/Block lettering. I have to add a system of perks that the players can spend before the fight to personalize the characteristics of their character, finish the 1 player mode which is the sequel to Quadra Nightride and if there are a few thousand bytes left, add animations for the Fatalities following deaths by combos. But as it is, the system of stamina (Players get tired), powerful parry and counter-attack, retained attack that releases the power of the blow works well and we had a lot of fun with it, even without the sounds!